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Music has the power to express and transcend all the human emotions.


Harpist for Events 


Who I am 

I am French but I see myself as an international person. I have always loved all forms of artistic expressions and felt at home in an artistic environment. I do not enjoy being put in a box.

In this life, I chose music or it chose me to express and communicate what I feel and what I experience.

I see life as a rich and colorful canvas where music makes all the colors more vivid. I like to see harp more than just a pretty instrument with delicate sounds and more like an incredible versatile instrument whose sounds have the power to link the spiritual and physical plane.

It is my wish that people listening to me will feel somewhat inspired, joyful and hopeful. And it is my wish to inspire and empower everyone who has the desire to do music, to just do it. 


Would you like to join my community? As a thank you gift, you will receive a FREE MP3 Download of Carmen Habanera  Song.

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