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Valérie Saint Martin is a French classical and modern musician from Santa Barbara, California.

Her first released composition, The Lady of the Underworld, is modern. 
A singer with a background in Opera and a classically trained solo harpist, she sings and accompanies herself at the harp.
Harp arrangements include Satie's Je te Veux and Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose. 



...Valerie St. Martin’s velvety voice is a delight to listen to...” — Edinburgh News

“...beautiful Marcellina of Valerie Saint Martin...” — Le Quotidien de Paris
“...a superb Carmen with a warm generous voice ideal for the role...” — Nouvelles Hauts de Seine

Born in Paris, Valérie Saint Martin grew up in the Pyrénées. It was there that she started her music journey as a harpist when she was nine. It is interesting to know that she fell in love with Opera thanks to another harpist opera fan when she was studying harp in Paris. For many years, singing became the focus of her music career. Opera and vocal music have greatly influenced her harp playing and repertoire.

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