About Valerie Saint Martin

Valerie Saint Martin is a French harpist, singer, music arranger, and songwriter, living in Santa Barbara, California.
Although classically trained as a harpist and singer, she has developed her own style. She loves playing new music from different genres and adapting it to the harp. She combines harp and vocals.

I am a musician in the sense that music has always been part of my life as early as I can remember.

A bit of my story:

I was born in Paris and grew up in the sunny town of Pau, the hometown of Henri IV, in the Pyrenees.
Music was always playing in the background in our house growing up
and one of my dad’s favorite hobby was to play the piano.

I always loved the arts. As a child, I studied classical ballet. Then, I wanted to be a ballerina! In my teenage years, I was part of an acting theatre group. I used to love directing and acting. I particularly remember a performance of Bluebeard's tale on our terrace! Then, I wanted to be an actress.

After watching Lily Laskine, the French harpist, on TV, I knew that I was going to be a harpist too! Fortunately, my parents agreed and bought a lever harp. 
And at eight, I started my music journey at the Music Conservatoire of Pau. 
Besides playing the harp, I also had a powerful natural voice. 
However, it was not until I was eighteen that I fell in love with opera. It seemed like a complete form of expression combining music, acting, and dance!


“...Valerie St. Martin’s

velvety voice is a delight

to listen to...”

— Edinburgh News

“...beautiful Marcellina of

Valerie Saint Martin...”

— Le Quotidien de Paris

“...a superb Carmen

with a warm generous

voice ideal for the role...”

— Nouvelles Hauts de Seine

©2020 Valerie Saint Martin-Harpist | Opera Singer | Santa Barbara | CA

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